Tuesday, December 18, 2012


classes finished last week, so i am officially on vacation. unfortunately, brian works the rest of this week.

i made nut rolls with my mom, aunt dee dee, and beth this weekend. we use my grandma elsie's recipe... so, so good. we finished with about 18 dozen!

so far, the break this week has consisted of a trip to the grocery store, a visit to the vet (poor boo got some shots), and a date with the dish network installation dude.....and lots of naps with the heating pad...because according to "what to expect", my rapidly growing belly is shifting my center of gravity and pulling my back all out of whack!  here's the 18 week belly on my last day of school. i would apologize for the unmade bed and dirty laundry in the background, but the apologies would be completely insincere....our bed will NEVER be made and there will always be dirty laundry!!!  ultrasound on friday!!! boy or girl????!!!!!!!

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