Friday, November 30, 2012


i got an email from my friend cj a few days ago referring me to a youtube clip from the show "flight of the conchords".  i didn't get to watch it until this morning...and haven't even finished it yet (my students are extra needy at the end of the semester, so there has been a constant stream through my door and waiting in the hall). the short bit i have gotten to watch had me in tears.

here is how cj set the clip up for me:

A little background:  This was done as part of a fundraiser for Cure the Kids foundation.  There is a 15 min version of the video but I thought it better to just provide the 8 and summarize the other 7 minutes.

Bret and Jermaine are charged with the last minute task of coming up with a charity song for kids. They decided to do a little research by going straight to the source.  The interviews with the kids set up the song at the end. It’s worth the wait. Bret actually wrote the music for the latest Muppet movie. 

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