Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mono vs stereo

when i saw this post on DesignSponge, i got instantly excited about our record player...not because it's cool all of a sudden, but because we don't have to buy something new to get the old retro look. we already HAVE the old!

when we got married, someone in brian's family (his dad's uncle) gave us a bunch of furniture when his father passed away. we have been using the end tables and tv stand since the beginning, but we never had room for the record player. (my mother tells me it's called a stereo, but my stereo growing up looked much different) It has been in brian's parent's garage for five years. now that we finally have the room, it has a home in our dining room.

inside the stereo were tons of crosby, engelbert humperdink, the kingston trio, etc.... not our parent's music but our grandparent's music. there are also at least 10 christmas records. bing crosby songs of christmas is my favorite so far. i plan on popping on some records, making some hot chocolate, and decorating a christmas tree this weekend! christmas music just sounds better with a little crackle behind it.

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