Thursday, April 11, 2013


is it appropriate for me to post stories about my students on my blog?

well, i'm going to (they aren't minors after all).

yesterday was very hot in our building...the AC has not been turned on yet.  i had my students open all of the windows so that i did not pass out while lecturing.

mid-lecture, i spotted a gentleman(??) near the front with his shirt pulled up to his chest...i will not try to paint a mental picture of his white hairy belly for you, promise.

i assumed he was just hot. but what was really bothering him (apparently) was the lint in his belly button....which he attempted to remove for a good 15 minutes.

i am not kidding.

at what point is it appropriate for me to ask WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING!!!?????????

speaking of belly buttons....mine is nonexistent since i have obviously swallowed a basketball.....

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  1. Of COURSE it's ok to post stories about your students! That's where I get all my material:) But, ew! I swear, they think that since they are sitting amongst a crowd of their peers, you cant see them--their facial expressions, their lint-picking--even in small classes!