Monday, April 8, 2013

34 weeks

things have been pretty busy around here.  i've had two lovely baby showers (which i intend to share soon).  brian was on spring break...he cleaned out the spare bedroom and refinished the hardwood floor (all floors on the main level are officially done!).  brian had a baby shower (the awesome women he works with put it together).  we've done more to, but have not completed, the nursery. we finally hung some pictures...i got over my fear of putting holes in our freshly painted walls (have you noticed the bright green?  funky, huh?! that's our dining room...i'll share more when we've done more to it).

as far as the belly surprises, it's getting bigger! i forgot to ask what my measurement was last week, but i gained another 1.5 lbs.  baby boy is in launch position...head down...and feet in my ribs! this picture was after a long day of work around the house. my sweet little 4 year old neighbor brought me a handful of weeds flowers!  he asks just about every day when my baby is going to come out ;-)

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