Monday, March 4, 2013

elsie would be proud

my grandma elsie was a crochet master. she made some of the most beautiful afghans that are so cherished by our family.  i was small (10?) when she passed away, but i found her crochet bag as we were recently going through some of my grandpa's things.  it still had yarn, some of her hooks, and a color chart for Red Heart yarn...which is what she used most of the time for afghans.

i am definitely not as good as her, but i'm learning. the blanket for baby boy is "done". however, i am considering adding more to it. since the main colors for the room are navy and lime green, i think i'm going to double the thickness of the end rows to make those colors more prominent. but, for what i had originally's done! i'm thrilled with it...and i think elsie would be too!

boo totally thinks it is hers. she has a very rude awakening coming in a few months!

i am on spring break this week. AMEN! i don't have too much planned and likely won't be getting out much....6-10 inches of snow is supposed to hit tomorrow night.  so, i'm going to try to get small organization projects done around the house and catch up on lecture prep.  i'm going to need to find a new position for reading and taking notes belly is in the way just a bit...

(we got our new camera...can you tell?! we have a lot to learn, but love the pictures it takes so far!  thanks for the recommendation mr. chandler)