Friday, July 8, 2016

Photo dump: October, November, December

I (along with some students) organized a Color Fight on campus to celebrate National Chemistry week.  It was awesome. 

Will was a minion for Halloween.  But only because I had a huge mom fail, forgot to figure out a costume, and whipped this up the night before.

Maggie could finally sit up in the bathtub and LOVED it!

I spent one of my days off painting the bathroom. At this point, this renovation was going on about four months. I was still dead set on installing some shiplap (#webbnotgaines).

Maggie was totally frustrated with her lack of mobility. Chick had things to do!

But she did get to start eating food. 

Will put his fireman's hat on me and said, "Mama, you're my favorite little boy."  I obviously don't say that to him enough.

One evening we went through "Where is Waldo?"  Will absolutely schooled me. Which is amazing, because he can't find his shoes to save his life.

Maggie had a fever and couldn't go to school one day, so Brian and I tag-teamed. She hung out in my office for a bit and decided to start trying to stand in the pack-n-play. 

My friend Jordan played a show in Pittsburgh with one of my favorite bands of all time. Thank goodness my brother drove...I'm not used to staying up late like this anymore!

I think Lowe's is Will's favorite place.

The result of extreme napping...

My mom and I took a girl's trip to Charlottesville with Maggie over Christmas break, and I got to see some of my favorite people!

One of my students took pictures for us for our Christmas card. Will didn't smile for any of them. And was proud of it.


On Christmas Eve, it was so warm that we were outside riding bikes. Will did not ride the dirt bike but at least wanted to sit on it.  He did ride the four-wheeler with 3 mph so Nana wouldn't have a cow!

...and it was so warm after Christmas that we could swing on the porch!

Cousin Gracie had the touch.  My word, aren't sleeping babies the most precious things?

Miss Mags was starting to look like my family...especially my dad. 

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