Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maggie: weeks 12-21

Once again, time has gotten away from me.

Maggie will be 5 months old this week!  She is a little over 14 pounds and is 26.5 inches long.  She loves bath time and sitting up on your lap. She started sleeping through the night at about 3 months (amen.), but had been in her bouncy seat all night. We are slowly transitioning her to laying flat in her crib. She can also roll from her back to belly which has opened worlds of opportunities in the sleeping department--who knew sleeping on your belly could be so wonderful! Still chowing down on just mama's milk, although she's starting to watch our forks travel from the plate to our mouths. We just introduced her to the bouncy seat that hangs from the door frame, and she is digging it...for about 15 minutes at a time.  Boo has given her a few full-face kisses which Maggie finds hysterical...mama not so much. She officially has some solid nicknames: Mags, Magilicious, and Magaroni. Maggie loves to watch her brother...and he is unbelievably sweet with her.  She is such a chill and very sweet little girl. AND, she is growing like a weed.

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  1. She's getting so big!!! Week 15? Heat eye emoji for sure.