Sunday, July 12, 2015

Maggie, week by week

For Will, I did a photo project where I took pictures of him every week until he turned one.  I'm so glad I did it, but looking back, it was a pretty daunting task sometimes...and now there are TWO of them.  So I hadn't planned to do this for Maggie...I was just going to take monthly pictures...but, I wanted her to be able to look back at how much she grew in her first year just like her brother could.  However, this extreme guilt didn't set in until week 4...I hate that I don't have pictures for weeks 1-3! But, nonetheless, here we go! 

I decided to make my life easier, I would just take Maggie's picture in whatever she was wearing that day (rather than putting her in a white onesie like I did with Will).  And even though I crocheted her a blanket, I decided to lay her on this colorful quilt that was my Grandma Maggie's (little Maggie's namesake).  Here are weeks 4-11...with some of my other favorites along the way at the end!

This was the best one, I promise.

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  1. a. she's adorable! and b. can't believe how big she's getting! I'm sure she'll appreciate seeing the pix, but more importantly, *I* love seeing them!