Sunday, July 27, 2014

vacation: part II

i did not get a ton of pictures of Will on the beach. we were having too much fun playing (ok, and maybe laying out a little too). we took him down to check it out the first night we were there. we weren't surprised that he was ok with the sand, but we were a little surprised that he wasn't completely freaked out by the water. that's not to say that he liked it, but he was more indifferent about that water always sneaking up on him.

my dad doesn't really like the beach, but bless his heart, he brings us anyway. and he only comes down to the beach jeans and shoes. we always have to document the occasion.  this year, he came down on the first night to see Will's reaction. he's a good pap.

we played at the pier and on the playground. he cried when we peeled him away from the playground.  daniel also took some family pictures of us. i can't wait to share those!

he must wave or say hi to just about every female he comes across...oy!

goodness gracious.

at the beach, we (brian or kevin) could dig Will a hole, plop down a bucket of water, and he would play for a good hour.  by the last day, he was ready to take walks on the beach and explore a little bit.

"what is this thing that keeps moving when i move?"

"i don't know about this, mom."

next up: the many fun pictures from that trip!...

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