Wednesday, July 23, 2014

vacation: part I

we just returned this week from our first official family vacation.  we went to charleston to drop off boo with brian's parents (thanks again Ed and Vicki!), stopped in charlottesville to see our friends (thanks Jeff and Robin!!!), and then headed to the beach. my family has been going to sandbridge in VA for years with our "beach family"...a couple of other families that we have grown up with and are our best friends.  all of us in my age range used to be the 'kids', but now we all have our own kids.

in charlottesville, we hit up our favorite spots...bodos, the orchard for some fresh peaches (that Will LOVED), campus, the corner...the last time Will was here, he was only 8 weeks old. it was so much fun to see this little guy experiencing one of our favorite places.

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