Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Birthday Party!

in the midst of strawberry festival madness, we celebrated Will's first birthday! we had a small party with just family and lots of good food. Will had the best time. he smacked his lips at the food, devoured cake, investigated every card and gift, and played like a champ. 

i was sticking (loosely) to a mickey mouse clubhouse theme, so my mom and cousin beth were convinced that Will needed his own clubhouse (out of a cardboard box...what kids really want to play with anyways).  it was perfect...and Will LOVED it!...lots of clapping and "a-da's" (which means he loved it).

i printed Will's weekly pictures so that everyone could see cool to see my baby grow up his first year.   

Will had no idea what to do with the cake, and unfortunately i don't have video evidence (i must not have hit record...i am sick over it). but after we gave him his own piece, he started to get into it and was eventually shoveling handfuls of cake into his mouth. oy vey!

what IS this delicious concoction that is squishing between my fingers?

Will got an easy chair, a carolina chair, a swing, a tricycle, an airplaine and tugboat, a dumptruck and car, a leapfrog dog, books, clothes, and a red rider wagon...i believe he made out like a fat rat! oh, and a hot rodding magazine from pawpaw ;-)

after we had eaten ourselves into a coma, we walked up to the grand feature parade and had some amazing (i.e., the best i've ever had) strawberry shortcake with homemade ice cream! Will loved it and saved some strawberry on his chin for the rest of the afternoon.

and in the aftermath of the party, he is still enamored with his clubhouse...first birthday success!

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