Tuesday, May 20, 2014

46-52!!! ONE YEAR!!!

i know this is always what people say, but i can't believe we have had this little boy for a year.  i started off this photo project at week three...seemed like a good idea at the time. i have a decent camera...don't have photoshop, but i'm a pro at powerpoint (yes, i used powerpoint for this, don't judge me). it was really hard to do though. in the beginning, i was religious about taking pictures every monday...and then i went back to work and all hell broke loose. you know, 2am feedings, 8am office hours, bottles to wash, pump parts to clean (oh my gosh...pump parts to clean!!! AH!)   most of the time, i was just trying to get the picture done some time during the week. and, to be completely honest, sometimes i didn't get a picture done and used a picture from a previous week. woops. but let's forget the details...this kid is ONE...and it is SO fun to see how he changed in the last 52 weeks!

i'm working on a blurb book highlighting the last year and have put all of these pictures in it. i would love to come up with a way to display them in my house...still thinking on that one.

these later pictures were much more difficult, being that Will has ants in his pants. we had to use props, ridiculous noises, and my legs make an appearance just trying to hold him still. i think it adds character, right? (that's at least what we tell ourselves about all the things that don't work in our old house...character)

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