Monday, March 10, 2014


brian's parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in february.  little did they know, the rest of the family was scheming behind their backs to plan a surprise party...three kids and their spouses and 7 grandkids...we were all in on it!  the scene of the crime was the church fellowship hall where they were married and had their reception 40 years ago! more than 80 people from throughout their lives came to celebrate...including the best man and maid of honor!

and surprisingly enough, we pulled it off.  brian was in charge of getting them there...he told them i wanted him to stop at the church to see if they had a bathtub we could borrow for Will while we were in town (his mom is the church secretary).  all of the grandkids were waiting when they got there to escort them into the party (which was surprise enough for nana).  they were totally shocked! it was an awesome evening of good food and fellowship.

the only thing we dropped the ball on was PICTURES! i took some before, but once the party started, we were all so busy visiting that we didn't get pictures of the lovebirds together (AH!) or a family picture (double AH!).  but this is what i did get...including a video of the big surprise (although it's pretty terrible....bad idea letting the crybaby of the bunch record the big surprise!).  we'll hire a photographer for the 50th anniversary party...or just plan a family trip to hawaii!!!

Happy Anniversary, Nana and Pawpaw!

hugging the maid of honor and best man!

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  1. I had not yet seen that video!! Awesome...brought tears to my eyes again :)