Wednesday, March 12, 2014

baby the mudroom

life seems to be getting away from us lately. we need some serious organization around this joint (and to throw crap away), but i just haven't had time to work on it.

this week, i am on spring break and have been a crazy lady around this place. my #1 goal for my break was to "finish" the mudroom.  i posted almost exactly a year ago about getting this room painted...transforming it from this (ew!)....


to this.....


functional was the name of the game for this room. a few months ago, my dad helped me hang 4x1s to put hooks on.  we thought this was necessary so that weighted down hooks wouldn't rip big holes in the plaster if they didn't hold.  come to find out, there is solid brick behind that plaster, so the wood was overkill...but it looks pretty.  this week, i got the boards painted and hooks hung.  i need two more hooks for the lower board (lowes was out), would love to switch out that light, and want something under the bench for gloves, hats, etc....baskets? galvanized bins? i haven't made up my mind yet. oh yeah, and something more attractive than a cardboard box for recycling.  but, finally...progress!

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