Tuesday, October 8, 2013

iphone photo dump v2

my cousin and i were sharing pictures of our kids the other day...they are only a month apart.  we both had to admit that our phones now exclusively contain pictures of our kiddos. what did we take pictures of before?!?!

cuddlin' with mom in our pj's

first Wesleyan sporting event...came out in Wesleyan gear to support some of mom's students on the soccer field

the legs just need the arms to cooperate

new hair growth....yikes!
one of the best places to fall asleep...nana's arms
a monkey on my butt and a boo on my side

getting ready for the day....squished cheeks

love my piano playstation...thanks aunt dee dee!

'i love you' too Will.  people watching at the forest festival.

those are some thighs

thanks for the warm blanket sandra!
ready for school pictures...except that today was not school picture day...get it together mom!


ready for school pictures, take 2.


  1. I love these posts! AND his outfit for picture day one and two. :)

  2. these pictures make me miss y'all so much! Come see us in SC :)