Monday, October 28, 2013

22, 23, & 24 weeks

22 weeks:   i have no idea what happened this week.

 23 weeks: brian spent a few days in florida for his best friend randy's wedding. Will and i were jealous, but at least i had a few days off for fall break.  we went to the outlets with my mom to do a little shopping.  Will was a trooper...until the ride home.  he cried for an hour and a half, non-stop.  i had played music, turned music off, given him a toy, given him a pacifier, stopped to change his diaper, mom turned around in her seat to rub his face and cover his seat so the sun wasn't in his eyes...NOTHING was working.  about 20 minutes from home i told mom "let me try the civil wars...he likes them".  and from the first note out of joy williams's mouth, the child didn't make another peep.    not. another. peep. i've already started drafting a letter asking joy williams and john paul white to make an album of lullabies.  at least the kid has good taste. little punk.

 24 weeks: this week, we said "isn't he the most perfect little thing" approximately 4,356,447 times. Will is really struggling with his teeth.  we can see them, but they just aren't poking through yet. he keeps his fingers in his mouth for most of the day....i shudder to think of all the germs he is know, like after boo licks her butt, then licks his hand and it's in his mouth before i can get to him. just kidding...that doesn't really happen mom.  even when fussy because of those wittle teef, he really is the most precious little guy.  we are having so much fun.

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