Monday, June 22, 2015

Will turns TWO!

Holy cow! Where has my baby gone?

About four weeks after Maggie was born, we celebrated Will's second birthday right in the middle of Strawberry Festival madness.  Will is obsessed with vehicles, machinery, yard equpiment, etc. So I decided to throw him a construction themed party.  To say that was the "theme" is a stretch...I hung a few strips of Caution tape, put some dirt pudding with gummy worms in the back of a toy dump truck, and got him a construction cake. There were no special invitations or favors...and you know what, he didn't care one bit.  All we needed was our family and some cheese puffs!


Everyone got to take a turn loving on Maggie, which was a nice break for this 24-hr-milk-machine-mama.

Will got all kinds of awesome gifts...yard tools (rake, shovel, hoe), power tools, a leaf blower (with safety goggles, of course), some new trucks and books, some adorable clothes, and a John Deere tractor.  Oh brother! Look out!

He pretty much had us all in tears wearing these goggles.  Hilarious! (Yes, our couch has a sheet on it that I forgot to take off. We were still in the sleep-anywhere-the-baby-will-sleep stage, and that just so happened to be in the swing in the living room.  Our house looked like a war zone for a while.)

He didn't quite get how to drive it at first.

So he was content going for a ride with his cousins around the beginnings of our raised bed garden.  Boo thinks chasing this thing is awesome.

It was the most perfect, laid-back party for our most perfect, laid-back two year old. Goodness, I love this little boy. I can't believe I've gotten to be his mama for two years now. It's all going too fast! I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.

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