Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So sweetly obstinate

Will's favorite word right now is "no."  Any question you ask him..."no" is the answer.

I think it's hilarious. So much so that I ask him questions all the time just to hear him say it.  Apparently, I've done this alot...enough that I caught him mocking me the other day in the car...

Will: (babbling, with the proper questioning inflection)

nah dah blah da da?  No.
da ba oo go you?  No.
blah da moo you nah? No.

I posted this video on Instagram, and our friend Gina pointed out that his voice is so sweetly obstinate. Sure is.

But he definitely doesn't know what "no" means, because those cheeks are telling a different story about him eating all of his lunch!

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