Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lunchtime phone conversation

B: listen to my day so far
J: ok. Let's hear it. 
B: well, I need to stay away from you and Will when I get home because something is going around school already. Or something the kids ate didn't sit right. We have sent 8 kids home with diarrhea. 
J: oh no!
B: i had my first graders sitting in a circle, and I asked a little girl and boy to switch places. So, the little girl starts scooting across the floor rather than getting up....And there is a smear of SOMETHING behind her. 
J: Brian, No!
B: wait, it gets worse. 
J: (laughing so hard i might have snorted)
B: the little boy, following directions, goes and sits in her spot and SITS in it!
J: NO!!!! (Can't. Breathe.)
B: Yes! I didnt know what to do! I told the other kids to play, got them both outside and called their classroom teacher, and then realized all the other kids were probably in there running around in poop! OH MY GOSH!

I'm like a 10 year old boy. Poop stories are forever hilarious. So thankful for teachers!

In other news, Will got his first shiner this week. Toy tractor: 1, Will: 0

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