Saturday, July 27, 2013

stinky shots

Will got his first shots friday afternoon. i was warned that this would be terrible...for him and us. i think it was terrible for a few reasons:

1. he was in a pretty good mood as we loaded him in the car...blissfully unaware of the pain we were about to inflict.

2. i held his hands and brian held his head as the doctor and nurse pulled back to plunge what seemed like swords into his sweet little thighs.  the cry when he (or any baby) is in pain is different than his regular cry.  it is a cry we hadn't heard yet.  it was gut wrenching.  i cried along with him.  i think brian might have cried a little too.

3. we couldn't give him an ice cream cone afterward. but i fed him again even though it wasn't time. best i could do.

4. that "what just happened!?" look

5. not knowing if those little legs are sore....with those first bandages as reminders of what we have just done to our son. unfortunately, he's too little to appreciate that they were captain america and iron man.

ok, maybe i'm being a little dramatic. luckily, Will was a total trooper...not fussy at all. and he slept from 9pm-4:30am...possibly our longest stretch yet. it wasn't long before the sad faces turned into the face i see numerous times throughout the day..."mom, is it time to eat again?"

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